Eco-Bot Waste Warrior​


Learn to code, build and program an Eco-Robot using Lego Micro:bit technology! Our Eco-Robot workshop is jam packed with fun coding and robotics activities.

Join our exciting workshop to design and construct your own Eco-Robot, capable of locating, collecting, and disposing of land trash and pollution.

If you’re new to robotics, no worries. This beginner-friendly workshop is facilitated by experienced instructors guiding you through each step.

Throughout the day, you will collaborate with like-minded kids to design, build, and code a working robot. We will provide all the materials needed to bring your robot to life and have you coding in not time. You will gain hands-on experience in engineering, problem-solving and collaboration whilst working towards constructing a robot with a positive local impact.

Join us for this exciting workshop to learn how robotics can improve the state of our planet. Prepare to unleash your creativity, embrace teamwork, and positively impact the world. Let’s work together to create a cleaner and greener planet, one robot at a time!